martes, 27 de julio de 2010

The Kiss

Hayley got very nervouse after her trance. Hayley wanted to him be his girlfriend. so then Hayley said:
-Yes! I will be your girlfriend
Hayley was happy. still his brother was also doing the same. Mary also answer the same and later both of the girl went and went outside. then they both scream. Both guys inside look them in a weird way. The both girls were hugging and jumping. then they got all ok, like nothing happend and went inside. Both guys seconds before had called a guy who will take them both in a double date (today) to ride a house to see the city. Then Scott and Lucas said:
-Girls, we are taking you to a special place.
They got the girls to this beatiful white carriged. a beatiful white hourse. the man was cool with them and took them to this beatiful romatic place. Scott was nervouse. Later they got down and Scott took Hayley to this beatiful place. An arch of flowers was there. Hayley in her mind said "What is happening!". She wanted to then Scott grab Hayley by the arm and kiss her. Hayley was so magnifice by the way Scott kiss her. While Lucas and Mary did the same. They go to the carrige again and then to the car. They both said Good-bye with a kiss and Lucas in the car with Mary were always kissing. Hayley was jealous because she wanted to have Scott there. They got home and Lucas opened the door. They went and sleep. Hayley woke up earlier that the other days. But then her phone rang. It was an Unknown number. It was .......

The Diner

Hayley got into the bus and got home. She went and told her brother that she was going to diner with Scott. Lucas said
-Okay, sister. I will take you
They both go ready, Lucas had invited his girlfriend, Mary Ann, to diner. Lucas And Mary where going to be on other side to not bother. Lucas got ready with a veru elegant black smoking while Hayley got a Black dress with black high heels and her har straightened. Hayley went and got into the car. it was a convertible. then Mary Ann got in and then they got to the restaurant. There was Scott waiting for Hayley. Scott was also wearing a smoking. When Scott saw Mary Ann he was suprise. Scott was Mary Ann's cousin. Scott and Hayley sitted 3 tables away from my brother and Mary. Scott was talking to Hayley and suddenly he said:
-Hayley, Your eyes are very pretty
Hayley glance at him and then said:
-Your's too
Then Scott surprisely he said:
-Well, Have you notice how pretty you are?
Hayley got red but not so red. Then he keep and said:
- Hayley, will you like to be my girlfriend?
Hayley wanted to answer and then she wasin her world think how life will be if they married. Her life will be better!

domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

The Perfect Day and The Perfect guy (Part2)

-Hi! I'm Scott, are you new in this school?
Hayley thought "Obviously I'm new! But still he is very handsome". Hayley only keept looking at this guy's beatiful blue eyes. But what she didn't know is that Scott was thinking the same about her. Scott notice Hayley's brown, ondulated hair. Then Ms. Luly said
-Student's go to their proper sits please.
For hayley's luc Scott sitted next to her. Later this tall, brown hair,brown eyes, very big nose, girls came and said to Hayley. Hayley was scared. What if they were the bully's of the school or what if one of them was the girlfriend of Scott? Hayley's hand got really sweety and her pupils got dilatated. Hayley was very scared. The girls were getting closer to her and she got more scared. later this girls said:
-Hi!,I'm Melisa and she is Jelitsa. we are twins, and well we want you to talk to you about Scott.
Hayley got more scared than she was. What will those girls willdo to her, will they punch her or kick her? just thinking of that got Hayley sick. then in the note during class a piece of paper was past to her she open it and saw it said
Hi! We wrote you this letter because we wanted to ask you if you wanted to be our friend. also we wanted to tell you about Scott. Scott is bad for you only for 1 reason
1. Because he is very not popular!
That's why. well we will tak to you.
Haley knew that it was possible that she was popular, but how can a guy so handsome be not so popular. during the past of the day she was the best friend of the twins Guper. She was now popular and well at the end of the day Scott and her became best friend witch made Scoot's popularity went up. Scott wanted his objective, she be his girl friend. Scott decide to invite Hayley to a diner at his family restaurant. His family restaurant was "Polates". Scott went slowly to Hayley. Hayley saw Scott going directly to her. Hayley's hands got sweety as usualy and then Scott said:
-Will you like to go to my family's reaturant tonight to diner?
Hayley acepted. she didn't like the food that her brother made at home.

sábado, 24 de julio de 2010

The Perfect Day and The Perfect guy (Part1)

This was a good day for Hayley. she woke up with this strange feeling. She felt weird and when she stand up on her feet the feeling became stronger. Today, Agost 2nd, was her first day of school. She hoped it will be the best day of her life. New School, New Friends, and New things. Hayley was tall, brown hair, blue eyes, and small nose. she went to the bathroom and took a bath. she putted a black T-shirt that said "Paramore ROCKS!" a black skirt, a black tight and black high heels. Hayley was anxious she was 15 and wanted to meet new friends. While in the other room was her brother Lucas. Lucas was 18 (senior). Lucas was tall, brown hair, brown eyes, and a big nose. he woke up and took a pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, and some black tennis. they both went down to get breakfast. their mom always left at 5:00a.m and left the breakfast made and left food for their white cat named Paul. Their's mom was named Jennifer. Jennifer was 43. she worked at the police department. She was not very tall, brown hair, green ayes and a big nose. Hayle's father had died when she was born. Lucas was 13 when his father dies. They both eat the breackfast and left to take the bus. they went and finally they arrive to this huge building. Hayley and Lucas arrived to schoo and both of them went to their proper clases. She felt very exited. She open her locker, left her things, went to her respectful class and sitted in the first sit. she knew her first class was World History at the salon A-980. She went there. She went and gave this little paper with her name to the teacher, Ms.Luly. Ms. Luly was 29. she was married and had 1 little girl named Lily. Lily was 4 years. Ms.Luly had a normal height, round brown eyes, blonde hair and a very small nose. While Lily was small, short blonde hair, round blue eyes and a very small nose. Hayley sitted in her sit later she caught the eye in this guy. this guy was her age, tall, brown hair, blue eyes, and a normal nose. He was so cute for her. he was really handsome. it was the Perfect day to meet the Perfect guy. The guy went and sitted next to her and then said